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Unlikely advocates: - 06.25.18

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Unlikely advocates: Chefs call on Congress to defend sustainable U.S. fisheries

"Fisheries management may seem like a weird topic for chefs to get involved in," says Danielle Leoni, chef and owner of The Breadfruit & Rum Bar in Phoenix, Arizona. "But we all love fish. And as a businessperson, I want access to a consistent supply of sustainable seafood even though my restaurant is hundreds of miles from the nearest coast."

From heartland states to coastal regions, more than 50 celebrated chefs across the United States have emerged as unlikely advocates for sustainable U.S. seafood. They're working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, reaching out in their dining rooms and in letters and calls to Congress. The chefs are urging the House of Representatives to defeat H.R. 200, a bill that – if passed when it comes to a vote next week – would drastically undercut the sustainability of America's wild-caught ocean fisheries.

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